All that Lanquín has to offer

Visiting the small town of Lanquín is on the Guatemalan tourist’s radar mainly for the beautiful, crystal blue pools known as Semuc Champey. Extensively photographed from a lookout point above, the limestone pools are filled with calm, turquoise waters from the Río Cahabon that flows beneath the earth. Getting to Lanquín may be the biggest deterrent for this small tourist spot. Approximately 6 hours from Guatemala City, the miles go by slowly through winding, mountain roads. Although the views are incredible, the ride can be quite nerve-wracking as the bus porter hangs out of the open shuttle door, and the driver has no qualms about taking risks passing slower moving vehicles around curve

Passing through Cobán

I interrupted a long bus ride with a three night stay in the bustling town of Cobán, about 5 hours north of Guatemala City. It was nice to finally have a private room in a small inn, the Don Juan Matalbatz hotel. The hotel was two blocks off the central square, close to Las Victorias National Park, and a ten minute walk from the shopping mall. Although Cobán is on the main route between Guatemala City and Lanquín or Flores, not many tourists stop here. However, I took advantage of the quiet to get some work done and explore a little more. The town may not initially look like it, but the residents are mainly well-to-do Guatemalans. I swear by guidebooks, and Lonely Planet or the Rough Gui

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