Guatemala's Beautiful Neighbor: Belize

Many people who spend a few months in Guatemala or who move here and are awaiting a path to legal residency will do what is called a “visa run”. Upon landing, most visitors are given a 90-day visitor visa that they must renew by either leaving the country and re-entering, or by asking the authorities for an extension due to special circumstances. Because Guatemala and its southern neighbors are part of a cross-border agreement (called the Central America Border Control Agreement, or CA-4), heading to El Salvador or Honduras will not effectively renew a visitor visa. Therefore, most people will go to north to Belize or Mexico. *Please consult a Guatemalan-based immigration attorney for hel

Knowing Your Limitations

An important part of traveling is being able to do it the way you like. Having ample options for activities is great, but some people’s ideal travel style is to just wander around and get to see the local way of life without participating in any organized excursions. Perhaps you even just prefer to sit in a café and read the local paper. Whatever your preference, its good to be self-aware of your likes and dislikes and travel style, and what you hope to get out of your trip. Here in Guatemala, there are lots of activities that may also pose a physical challenge. Climbing to the mirador at Semuc Champey is a twenty-five minute uphill climb on muddy stairs and rocks. The guided tour throug

Strong Heat and Cheap Eats in Flores

Flores, Guatemala is a unique place mainly because its such a tiny island on a lake with a few hundred years of history, and most tourists stay here as a jumping off point to the Mayan ruins at Tikal. The streets on the island weave up and down through the rows of colorful historic homes, many of which house shops and hotels. A walk around the circumference of the island will take about twenty minutes in total, unless you look up and see the electrical wires strung with thousands of migratory birds, in which case, your casual stroll then becomes a frightening quest to avoid getting pooped on! If you succeed, there are a myriad of bars and restaurants to try, most of which line the main road

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