Maintaining Normalcy: Fitness

Traveling or relocating to a foreign place is full of amazing new experiences, but it is expected to want to keep some normalcy and routine in your life. For me, that means getting a daily dose of exercise. Although most people who are traveling tend to walk more than they would at home while exploring their new surroundings, I need to find a gym that has proper equipment so I can get a sweat session in! Here in Guatemala, you can walk, cycle, run, hike, swim, do yoga, and yes, go to a gym. As part of my routine in the states, I participated in CrossFit, so I made it my goal to try a few CrossFit branded gyms here in Guatemala. Surprisingly common in the city, and almost nonexistent outs

Going to climb a volcano, talk to you later.

I climbed a volcano the other day. Let me tell you, it was magical (and also one of the most physically strenuous things I've ever done)! As I write this, a week later, I'm still amazed at how beautiful the vistas were from basecamp (and parts of my body are still in pain). But here goes a little breakdown of the actual trip: 1. Book it: I went with a locally-owned company that was highly recommended. They hire local guides and all proceeds go to help the community (where the current project is being installed - a playground for the village children). They also carry your sleeping bag, mat, and tent, and some food for you. Any agency in town can get you on a trip, and typical cost is $50

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