The Black Sands of Monterrico

I spent a few days back at the beach, because, well, I missed the beach and the heat. I know, I know. I complained a lot about the heat for the first two months here, but at one point it dropped below 60 degrees in Antigua, so I needed my heat fix again.

Monterrico is a very small town on the southwest coast of Guatemala. Two and a half hours from Antigua, it is very accessible and is a popular destination for Guatemalans who would like to escape the city for the weekends. A number of beautiful hotels dot the shoreline, each with their own restaurants and pools. The town itself is small, with one road running perpendicular to the beach, and only two streets running parallel between the shore and the mangroves. The black sand beach is long, wide, quiet, and can be steep in parts, but its southwest-facing orientation provides a great view of the setting sun.