The Sweetest River

Rio Dulce, Guatemala, Lago Isabel

Spending time on the Río Dulce is frequently a part of touring through Guatemala, so I obviously had to check it out. The river itself starts flowing from Lago Isabel and meanders approximately 25 miles east to the Caribbean Sea. The highlight of this region is best visited by taking a boat to/from the sea to the lake. The river winds through a canyon of beautiful limestone cliffs, connecting the two towns of interest in the region: Livingston, and Rio Dulce town. Livingston sits on the Caribbean coast and is defined by the Garífuna people that inhabit the village, which is not connected by road to the rest of Guatemala. Río Dulce town, which is at the eastern side of the lake, is the safest harbor in the Caribbean and therefore loaded with yachts that weather the hurricane season there (and many of the old salty dogs that man those yachts).