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About Us

Valerie Russell, Founder, CEO, Due South Travels

At Due South Travels, we believe in sharing our passion for international travel and strengthening your desire to learn about other cultures. With twenty years of travel experience and over 30 countries visited, our founder and Chief Experience Officer, Valerie, decided to leave the constraints of a regular job and follow her dream to live abroad again. 

A native of Nyack, New York, Val was educated in Washington, DC, and Bournemouth, England and settled down in the New York metro area, prepared for a career in law enforcement.  After a decade of working to travel, Val decided to finally live the life she had been dreaming about and quit her job as a Narcotic Investigator to start Due South Travels.  She arrived in Guatemala in July 2017 and now lives in Antigua with her two expat felines.

For Val, giving in to the wanderlust was the easy part.  The challenge of changing careers and learning a new industry has been nothing short of an adventure all its own, just the thing Val thrives on!

Our goal at Due South Travels is to expand your horizons with thorough, custom guided tours throughout Guatemala, at a price point that makes travel accessible to people who never imagined it was possible. We specialize in day tours in and around Antigua, and also informational tours for those who are looking to relocate or retire to the "Land of the Eternal Spring", which includes meeting other expats to hear exactly how amazing and rewarding a life abroad can be. Lastly, we provide complete in-country travel planning for independent travelers who need a trustworthy, organized excursion but are not interested in traveling with a guide.

Traveling abroad can be one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of your life.  We want to help you see a different way of life, we want to bring you to the places you've only seen in photos, and we want you to think differently about life outside of your comfort zone.  Come travel with us and live the life that you've imagined.

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