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Transportation Throughout Guatemala & Central America

We offer shuttles throughout Guatemala to each of the main tourist destinations, including Antigua, Panajachel, San Pedro La Laguna, San Marcos La Laguna, El Paredon, Lanquin (Semuc Champey), Flores (Tikal), Rio Dulce, and to the airport. We can arrange both shared shuttles or private shuttles, depending on your needs, time of departure, and destination. 

We can book bus tickets onwards to Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua as well! Check with us for the updated schedule, class of service, and pricing for international routes. 

We also provide flight booking through TAG Airlines, which flies to the following destinations: San Salvador (El Salvador); Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and Roatán (Honduras); Belize; Flores, Puerto Barrios, and Cancun, Mexico.

Walking Tour

Antigua Walking Tour

Our 2 hour walking tour of Antigua, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, will bring you past all of the breathtaking landmarks that make Antigua famous.  We will discuss Antigua's history, interesting facts about Guatemala, some details of Mayan culture, and what makes all of the beautiful sites here in Antigua so important.  

During the tour, we will visit/discuss the following: La Merced Church, Santa Catalina Arch, Central Park, City Hall, the Captain General's Palace, Santiago Cathedral Ruins, Tanque Union Park, and San Francisco Church.  You will hear about some of the hotspots in town that serve the best food and drinks, and will be provided with tips and suggestions for other excursions to do while in Guatemala.  

Antigua Market Culture

Antigua Market Culture and Cuisine Tour

Take a stroll with us through the Antigua market's labyrinth of stalls and vendors, selling anything and everything you can imagine! We will learn about Guatemala's unique agricultural products and see what life is like in the market. We will visit some vendors who sell typical market products, and even sample some for ourselves. Then, we'll stop for lunch at a sit-down market eatery and discuss what traditional Guatemalan cuisine is like. Afterwards, you'll be given a curated list of Antigua's tastiest restaurants, chosen by budget, cuisine type, and specials. Come hungry! 

Tecpan Iximche

Tecpán Market/Iximché Tour

Our full day tour first brings you through the beautiful and scenic cloud forests of Tecpán, where we will enjoy an early breakfast at a delicious restaurant.  Next, we head to the village of Tecpán to experience market day, an authentic and exhilarating trip through the local market, where you'll see an important part of life in Guatemala's highlands.  Agricultural products and hand-made artisanal  goods are sold by energetic and eager vendors, and you will stumble upon products here that you may not find anywhere else! Our last stop will be to the archaeological ruins of Iximché, where you will learn about the huge historical significance that this breathtaking ancient site holds.  

This tour is an exclusive offering and will be offered on Thursdays only.  Departure time is from Antigua at 7am, returning by 4pm. 

Artisan Village Tour

Artisan Village Tour

Our five hour tour brings you to three of the villages around Antigua, Guatemala, that are known for artisan craft production. Our first stop will be at a jade workshop, where you will discover the history of jade collection and production in Guatemala by an artisan who has been working with jade for almost 50 years. You will have a chance to polish your own jade stone if you'd like! Next we will visit a small mountain village that is known for their local textile industry. The backstrap loom is still used today to produce traditional weavings, and you'll see a demonstration and have a chance to purchase a handmade item. Last, we will transport you to a small village known for its history of making handmade leather goods. Boots are their specialty, and we will see exactly how they're crafted by hand, before setting you loose for some browsing. You can have a custom pair of trendy boots made or just pick up a high-quality belt or handbag! 

Acatenango Volcano

Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike

Climbing Acatenango Volcano is one of the TOP things to do from Antigua, Guatemala. Our tour, guided by local professionals, leaves Antigua at 9am after a hearty (included) breakfast. There is a one hour drive to the start of the hike, where you will begin your five hour climb. You'll take a mid-day break to stop and eat your packed lunch, before continuing to base camp. At base camp, you'll have magnificent views of Fuego Volcano, erupting regularly throughout the day. A hot meal will be served to you and you'll retire to large, sturdy tents, outfitted with cots, sleeping bags, pillows and warm blankets. At 4am you'll awake for your climb to the summit, where you'll watch the sunrise and the volcano erupt simultaneously. After breakfast, your descent takes approximately three hours, and you'll return to Antigua by 1pm. 

Climbing Volcan de Acatenango is no easy feat, however, you'll take frequent breaks to help catch your breath and acclimate to the altitude.  A number of guides accompany the group, so don't worry about holding anyone back if you hike at a slower pace! Base camp will greet you with a nice bonfire, tasty food and wine, and a modest outhouse. Your park entrance fee (Q50) is included in the cost of your trip, as well as four filling meals (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free meals available) and roundtrip transport. You will need to bring no less than 4 liters of water, closed-toe shoes, and warm clothing, as it can be freezing at the top of the mountain.  We have warm clothing available to rent for a fee of Q20. The camp site is already set up and waiting, all you have to carry besides your personal belongings is your water, packed lunch and breakfast.  *Note: Due to the popularity of this tour, once booked, no refunds are given for cancelation.

Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya Volcano (Half-Day Excursion)

This half-day excursion picks you up at your accommodation in Antigua on a collective bus and drives you 1.5 hours to the start of the Pacaya Volcano hike. Here you pay the national park entrance fee of Q50 and start your two-hour climb. Once at the top, you are able to explore the fields of lava stones, and perhaps you may catch a glimpse of the volcano belching ash. Although Pacaya is an active volcano, viewing lava is dependent upon the volcano and safety regulations, and is not guaranteed. However, you will be able to roast some marshmallows in the heated rocks and vents of the lava fields. If the hike intimidates you, you're able to arrange a horseback ride for approximately Q300. Please pack water, snacks, and a light jacket, and make sure to wear closed-toe shoes.

Semana Santa Traditions and carpet making experience

Semana Santa Traditions and Processions Tours

During this tour, offered only during Holy Week, we will learn about the traditions that take place during Lent and explain what you see during the processions. First, we will walk the processional routes to view the elaborate, unique carpets. These carpets are made out of natural materials such as colored/dyed sawdust, flower petals, pine needles, etc. Then, we will watch the religious processions and discuss the traditions that are practiced during this time of year. The route, dates and schedule of these tours will be dependent upon the yearly processional schedules. It's an opportunity you CAN NOT miss to get in depth with the religious practices that consume daily life in Antigua during this time.

Day of the Dead Giant Kite Festival

Day of the Dead

Giant Kite Festival

The first of November is known as All Saints' Day, or Day of the Dead here in Guatemala. To celebrate, giant tissue paper kites are hand-made and raised in a small town close to Antigua, Guatemala. We will depart from a central meeting point in Antigua at approximately 9:30am. Upon arrival in Sumpango, we will take a guided walk through the cemetery where you will see and feel the celebratory atmosphere as loved ones join together to remember their deceased family members.  Next, we will head to the festival grounds, where you can watch the giant kites being raised on display.  Join us for an explanation of the meaning behind the kites, and enjoy the views, the festival food, the music, and the culture in this significant, unique and beautiful festival. We recommend you bring sun protection as the sun is strong and the day is long! We depart around 2:30pm and will arrive back in Antigua at 4pm.

Expat 5 day

The Expat Experience - 5 Day

Our five day Expat Experience is organized to give you a quick but thorough in-country experience.  You will visit the two most popular expat communities - the colonial highland town of Antigua, and the villages on the shores of Lake Atitlan.  The tour will include all in-country transportation and accommodation, and the ability to enjoy a number of typical tourist excursions.  A set number of meals will be included as well.


During our guided tours, we will have a series of brief informational sessions that will provide you with the knowledge and material to truly decide if this is the place to live out your dreams.  Topics will include: healthcare, housing, banking, shopping, staying connected with those back home, sending and receiving mail and packages, bringing your pets with you, overcoming the language barrier, and things to do.  We will introduce you to others who have made the move so you can casually learn about their new lives here and pick their brains on the logistics of an overseas move. We will provide you with a list of resources and professionals in various industries so you can continue the education on your own, and we will never try to sell you anything except a good time!   

Real Estate Tour Half Day

Understanding Real Estate in Antigua - Half Day

Our half day Real Estate Tour is for those who would like an inside look at the real estate market in Antigua.  During our initial consultation, you'll describe your ideal living situation, budget, housing type and desired lifestyle.  We will curate a five hour tour where we go see options that are in your budget, explore different neighborhoods, discuss pros and cons of buying versus renting, legalities, constraints, and so forth.  You'll leave the experience with an understanding of the types of housing that are available in your desired price range and neighborhood, and what other expenses you may have to budget for. We will also talk investment opportunities and legalities. 

small group

Guided Small Group Excursions

Due South Travels is happy to plan a custom guided tour for your group based upon your specific requests.  We specialize in the locations listed below, and can tailor your trip and excursions to include as much or as little itinerary planning as you wish, at the price point you desire.  We also regularly schedule small group tours with pre-set itineraries for those who want to see the best of the best of Guatemala but don't know where to start on their own.  These excursions are fully-guided, include hotels and most meals, and a variety of pre-planned activities with some free time to explore on your own.


Lake Atitlan


Flores (Tikal)

Cobán and Lanquín (Semuc Champey)

The Rio Dulce region

The Pacific coast


Guatemala City

Independent Trp Planning

Independent Trip Planning

Let Due South Travels plan a custom itinerary for you and your companions to travel independently throughout Guatemala.  We will book your accommodation at the price point you desire, and can book as much or as little of the rest of your itinerary as you’d like, including in-country transport and guided day trips.  


Call or e-mail us to discuss how we can help you explore your travel dreams! We can make recommendations for itineraries based on our experience, but we’d prefer to get to know your thoughts about the best travel experience you could imagine, and then tailor it to your budget and timeframe.

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