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Frequently Asked Questions

What tours are available?

Tours with current availability are able to be booked through our website. If you are looking for a specific, customized service that is not listed, we would be happy to serve you! Please call or e-mail us and we will have a thorough discussion about your ideal trip, budget, and other restrictions or desires, and will be sure to plan the trip of your dreams! We can do private guided small group tours, arrange volunteer opportunities, and plan for longer-term stays here in beautiful Guatemala. Get in touch today!

Why Due South Travels?

Booking with Due South Travels will provide you with a worry-free, authentic, and affordable trip through Guatemala. We aim to create a exceptional experience for all of our travelers by tailoring the trip to your specific needs. Whether you're exploring Guatemala as a retirement location, or you're here to enjoy the beautiful highlands surrounding Lake Atitlan and Antigua, we will make it memorable. Traveler satisfaction is our number one priority, and all trip accommodations and locations have been thoroughly explored and vetted. Lastly, we aim to support local business owners and community initiatives, giving you an understanding of the true Chapin way of life. We understand that some of the products we offer are similarly offered by other providers. Our goal is to provide you a service at a pricepoint you can afford and with personalized, friendly service. We make ourselves available to you 24/7 with a direct WhatsApp number where we can offer you any type of assistance you need in country or prior to your arrival. Having a worry-free getaway makes all the difference, and our unique products, perspective, and accessible costs contribute to that goal.

How will these tours help me with my retirement planning?

The word for retirement in Spanish is "jubilación". In English, this translates to "a feeling of great happiness and triumph". Due South Travels aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of what challenges and benefits a retirement to Guatemala can deliver. Our enthusiasm about jubilación in Guatemala will be contagious, while we present to you both the positive and less positive aspects of life here. During our guided tours, we will have brief but thorough information sessions that will provide you with the knowledge and material to truly decide if this is the place to live out your dreams. Topics will include: healthcare, housing, banking, shopping, staying connected with those back home, sending and receiving mail and packages, bringing your pets with you, overcoming the language barrier, and things to do. We will introduce you to others who have made the move so you can casually learn about their new lives here and pick their brains on the logistics of an overseas move. We will provide you with a list of resources and professionals in various industries so you can continue the education on your own, and we will never try to sell you anything except a good time!

Is Guatemala safe?

The number one question we get asked here at Due South Travels is about health and safety while traveling in Guatemala. Like all large cities, Guatemala City does have areas that tourists are urged to avoid, however, we will be sure to make you aware of any precautions to take while on your own. Our priority is your health, safety and comfort. Theft through robbery and pickpocketing is the most prevalent tourist complaint to the local police, however, personal safety does start with some common-sense measures. These may include: always hiking with a local guide, do not flagrantly display your valuables such as cash, jewelry, and electronics, be aware of your surroundings, carry a photocopy of your passport and only carry enough cash for that day. Western-standard doctors and clinics are easy to find in all of the large cities. Pharmacies are common and many times you do not need a prescription for medications. Again, use caution around any feral animals or insects, or when participating in sports, swimming, and adventure activities. Due South Travels strongly recommends comprehensive trip insurance that provides medical and travel interruption coverage, including property loss due to theft. Our favorite provider is World Nomads. We also recommend checking your government's official pages for travel advisories, including health/immunization suggestions. For US citizens, you can access the US Department of State website for travel information, or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for health information. In the rare case that you have an emergency while traveling with us, we will find you the proper assistance, whether it be medical, police, or diplomatic. You will never be left alone when needing assistance, and prior to the start of your tour, you will receive in-depth information about any specific precautions to be aware of.

I've booked my trip! Now what do I pack?

The primary concern with packing would be minimizing the weight of your bag. Rucksacks/backpacks or other luggage pieces that can be carried on your back are preferred over the wheeled bag mainly due to a lack of elevators, escalators, and the frequency of stairs and cobblestoned streets and sidewalks. However, you will have staff assistance available when you need it. For those on longer trips, it is inexpensive and easily arranged to have your personal items laundered, so pack lightly. Anything that you forget at home can be purchased in Guatemala - there are a myriad of stores selling common foods, snacks, toiletries, clothing and other supplies. There are pharmacies and banks in all of the main stops on our guided tours. Helpful items may include: 1. Insect repellent 2. Sun and rain protection 3. A refillable water bottle 4. Comfortable closed-toe walking shoes 5. Clothing that can be layered for cooler mornings and evenings 6. A day bag with zippered pockets to carry essentials 7. Your prescription medications 8. At least one swimsuit 9. Your camera! Each person who books a group tour that includes an overnight with us will receive a detailed packing list prior to departure from your home country. Please be aware of baggage restrictions when traveling by air from international locations, and if booking domestic airfare with us, be sure to read this notice of TAG Airline's luggage policy.

Will I need a visa to visit or relocate?

Most visitors receive a tourist visa stamp in their passport which permits a 90 day stay. For longer visits, many expats or those who come south for part of the year will come on a visitor stamp and do a visa renewal run every 90 days to a neighboring border country. However, Guatemala also offers a number of other visa options, including a pensioner visa for those who have verifiable monthly income of at least $1000. To find out which visa you require, visit the Guatemalan Embassy website in your country. Your passport must not expire within six months of entry.

What is included in the tour price?

Each tour will vary as to what is included in the price, however, each night's accommodation and in-country transport for the duration of the tour will be provided for each of our guests on the Expat Experience Tours and Custom Guided Excursions. Please see the tour descriptions or your e-mailed itinerary for a comprehensive list of what you will have covered, what will not be covered, and what other expenses you should plan for.