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Travel Partners

Looking to travel with a purpose? Check out some of our favorite local partners to shop, volunteer, participate in an experience, or just donate from abroad!

Eden Por Salud Team

Shop, Donate, Participate

Eden Por Salud

Eden Por Salud is a nonprofit that educates and employs intellectually disabled adults in Antigua, Guatemala, where there are few resources available for disabled people and their families.  Eden Por Salud creates opportunities for growth through accessible and inclusive jobs for entrepreneurs with disabilities, who craft wellness products using organic essential oils and natural, local ingredients.


Get started with a travel kit:

Travel with ease! Includes an organic pillow spray, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, and nausea/car sickness relief remedy!  100% of profits are returned to the disabled adults who handcraft the products.  Click here to order your kit - discounted through Due South Travels.  We'll have your kit ready upon arrival - be sure to include your arrival date and hotel in the shipping details.

Join a workshop:

Spend two hours handcrafting organic products with the leadership of disabled entrepreneurs, enjoying a local treat, and learning about disability rights in Guatemala! Send an email to to sign up with dates that work for you!  (Times, activities, and prices vary, but expect a workshop to be around $40 per person)


Donate to create disability inclusion in Guatemala:

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Any amount is appreciated


Learn More and Visit the Shop! 

Patitas Callejeras

Patitas Callejeras' (Little Street Paws) vision is to rescue and care for homeless animals by providing medical treatments such as vaccinations, deworming, and sterilizations.  They also aim to educate people so that dogs and cats can have a better quality of life and eliminate the suffering of stray animals in Guatemala. Patitas Callejeras works to find loving, safe homes for their rescued animals, so that these dogs and cats have a forever family to care for them.


There are always a number of dogs and cats ready for adoption!


The current monthly food requirement is 450 pounds of kibble, at a cost of Q2,400 (USD $325) per month, plus medicines, vet care, and cleaning supplies.

Donate Items:

Adult dog food and puppy food

Soap powder




Mops / Towels for mopping

Drop off: San Miguel Dueñas in 2 Av 4-11F zone 1 half a block from the entrance of the municipal stadium. From 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm

Donate funds to provide food, vet care, and supplies:​

Go to the nearest Banco Industrial branch (Central Park) and make a deposit (quetzales only) to the account of:

Julio Roberto Hernandez Barrera

Banco Industrial, Cuenta Ahorros

Account # 4823000

If you'd like to donate from abroad, contact Due South for help! 


Visitors who have longer stays in the Antigua area are accepted as volunteers for dog-walking, cleaning, and helping with the animals. The shelter is 20 minutes outside of Antigua and accessible by local 'chicken bus' transport at a low cost. Inquire with them for more information as to how you can help!


Learn More and Visit Their Page! 

Donate, Volunteer

Shop, Participate

Chica Bean

Chica Bean is a small Guatemalan social enterprise that's changing the way the world does coffee by defying the traditional coffee industry. They small batch roast their female-produced specialty coffee here at the point of origin and then deliver it to our customers in the US via website orders. This model more evenly shares value with producers and their communities instead of exploiting them.

They specifically work with female producers as women have always been excluded from decision making positions in coffee in spite of making up a majority of the workforce. Chica Bean turns the tides by paying fair prices, while also supporting increased access to professional and technical training, financial infrastructure, and technology. Not only are their farmers women, but they're also proud to have 2 of the only female roasters in all of Guatemala as well as a full team of strong women who manage finances, logistics, and brewing the final product.


Support the women farmers by shopping here:

Just like any other roaster that's based in the US! Visit the website, find the coffee you'd like, and then check out. The only difference is that your coffee will be roasted (to order) just a car ride away from where it was cultivated. Most coffee will be delivered within a week of being roasted. If you're located outside of the US, we can still ship to you. Just send an email and they'll make it happen.

Visit the cafe and learn more:

A short ride outside of Antigua, Chica Bean has a beautiful cafe and availability to do coffee tastings and tours of their on-site roastery! You can visit the cafe during opening hours and schedule a tour or tasting by contacting Abbigail at Chica Bean.


Visit their website to learn more! 

Soul Shine

Soul Shine Village began in response to a devastating landslide in Santiago Atitlan that left many families without a home or basic necessities. Since that time, it's grown and now provides aid packages (food, clothing/shoes, and educational materials) to families in ten villages, helping with food, education, and medical care.

During the pandemic, Soul Shine Horse Rescue began out of necessity, assisting families that owned horses who were unable to care for their horse's basic needs. Some of these horses are working horses on Pacaya and Acatenango Volcanoes, serving tourists. Soul Shine works to educate the horse owners on nutrition, medical care, and how to safely load their cargo so the horse is not injured while working. They formed an on-call rescue team that works in coordination with their horse tour operators to locate and save animals in need. Soul Shine Horse Rescue also supplies local horse owners with tack, grain, and dewormer. They presently sponsor 200+  horse and are the only Horse Rescue of Guatemala.


Support the work of Soul Shine:

Cash donations are tax deductible under Soul Shine's 501(c)3 status. You can donate funds to:

Soul Shine Village 

Soul Shine Horse Rescue 


Donate Supplies:

Soul Shine Village: Art supplies, backpacks, crayons, pencils, pens, any medicines, tooth brushes, tooth paste, diapers

Soul Shine Horse Rescue: Used yoga mats for the spines of horses, coconut oil or antibiotic creams, any horse tack or riding equipment, bags of grain (purchase at the pet supply store next to La Bodegona in Antigua)

Drop off donations to Twisted Scissors 2 Avenida Sur 33 Antigua 

Experience Guatemala on Horseback:

Participate in horseback riding tours and experiences in some of the most beautiful places in Guatemala, while a proceed of your tour goes back to Soul Shine! Ask Due South Travels what is offered!


Visit their websites to learn more!

Soul Shine Village

Soul Shine Horse Rescue 

Donate, Participate



The Network of Independent Spanish Teachers, Inc.

The Mission

The nonprofit group The Network of Independent Spanish Teachers, Inc. (NETIST) exists to support independent Spanish teachers in Guatemala by helping them publicize their services and curate effective educational resources. This allows them to better provide for themselves and their families AND to ensure that students of Spanish in Guatemala acquire high-quality Spanish language skills to reach their personal and professional goals.


The Vision

Empowering independent Spanish teachers with the ability to earn a fair wage by publicizing their services and providing a stable platform to house high-quality educational resources AND promoting world-wide cultural understanding through Spanish language skills. 


Support the the teachers by signing up for classes

You can change others' lives while learning a valuable skill (and saving money).


With the emphasis on fair trade practices for products such as textiles, coffee and fruit, those providing services are often overlooked. Many choose to ensure that the products they consume and the clothes they wear are produced fairly by companies that use sustainable methods and provide dignified salaries and favorable working conditions. To avoid hypocrisy, we must extend that to service providers as well. Independent Spanish teachers offer a life-changing service. 


Learning Spanish, or any foreign language, has great benefits socially and cognitively,  positively impacting your life. With your inexpensive $12/hour class,  you have the opportunity to change the life of your instructor and the lives of your instructor's family.


Visit their website to learn more! 

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