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Hey friends! We've temporarily disabled online booking as we update prices and schedules. Please inquire with us via Whatsapp +1-201-248-4839, phone +502 3880-9552, or email for reservations. Thank you for your patience as we make our site better! 


Antigua to/from Airport via private taxi

Transport between La Aurora International Guatemala City Airport and Antigua in a private taxi.




Antigua to the Airport via shared shuttle

Transport between La Aurora International Airport Guatemala City and Antigua via shared shuttle bus.




Panajachel to/from the Airport via private taxi

Panajachel is the main tourist town around Lake Atitlan. From here it is possible to make connections by boat to all of the villages around the lake. Book here for transport via private taxi between La Aurora International Guatemala City Airport and Panajachel.




Panajachel to/from Antigua via shared shuttle

Panajachel is the main market town on Lake Atitlan, full of handicraft vendors and a variety of restaurants. You can take boats from Panajachel to all the other towns around the lake. Pana, as it is known by locals is located just 2.5 hours from Antigua.




San Pedro & San Marcos to/from Antigua via shared shuttle

San Pedro & San Marcos are small lakeside towns popular with backpackers. San Pedro is the party town around the lake and San Marcos is a chilled out town that offers an array of  yoga classes and retreats. Your journey will be around 3.5 hours to San Pedro & San Marcos from Antigua via shared shuttle.




Chichicastenango to/from Antigua or the lake via shared shuttle

Chichicastenango is a bustling highland town, renowned for its Mayan culture. Visit on a Thursday or Sunday to see the largest traditional artisan market in Central America and don't miss the opportunity to go to its main church to see Mayan religious beliefs being practiced.




Xela / Quetzaltenango

Quetzaltenango or Xela as it is known is Guatemala's second largest city. It is a great place to learn Spanish and stay with a host family. There are opportunities to hike and visit highland villages as well.




Rio Dulce for Livingston and Lago Izabal 

Rio Dulce flows from Lago Izabal to the Caribbean coast of Guatemala. Stop here to get a boat ride through the river canyon to Livingston to experience Guatemala's only Garifuna community, or to spend a few days in a relaxing jungle lodge.




Flores and Tikal

via shuttle or bus (different classes available)

Flores is the town nearest to Guatemala's most famous archaeological site, Tikal. This ancient Maya site dates back to around 700 BC and is a destination not to be missed in Central America.




Lanquin for Semuc Champey

Lanquin is the main town close to Semuc Champey, the ecological park that is a must-see on any trip to Guatemala. Characterized by the stunningly beautiful blue pools of the Rio Cahabón as it passes under a limestone bridge, the main draw is the full day tour that includes a trip inside a massive cave system.




El Paredon

El Paredon is Guatemala's top surf spot, and popular with the backpacking crowd! A quiet pacific beach town with waves all year round, it is just 2 hours from Antigua, but has a limited selection of accommodation and restaurant options.





Guatemala's busiest seaside town just 2.5 hours from Antigua. Visit here for a few days to enjoy the heat and the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. There  is a variety of shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and hostels to choose from.



EL Tunco.jpeg

El Tunco & the beaches of La Libertad, El Salvador

El Tunco is a great beach town in El Salvador with a lively weekend vibe and good surf scene. Known for it's rocky beach and backpacker clientele, it also serves as a gateway to the other beaches and colonial cities of El Salvador. The shuttle will drop you in El Tunco or the other beach towns along the way.



El salvador.jpg

San Salvador, El Salvador

The capital of El Salvador,  this busy cosmopolitan city is a great connection point for buses all over El Salvador, and for volcano excursions at the nearby national parks.




La Ceiba, Honduras, for boats to Utila & Roatan

La Ceiba is the port town where you get the ferry to the Bay Islands ,which include Utila and Roatan. The shuttle is scheduled to arrive in time for the last ferry at 3:30 pm for Utila, but you'll have to overnight in La Ceiba for the Roatan ferry. 




Copan Ruins, Honduras

The ruins of the archaeogical site of Copan, in Honduras, are located outside of a quaint town and are worth a visit for those interested in Mayan history. Tourists can also find buses and connections to most other places in Honduras from this site.



San Pedro sula.jpg

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Pedro Sula is one of Honduras' main transport hubs. Our bus drops you off at the airport here at approximately 12:00 noon, for ongoing land or air connections. 




San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

San Cristobal Las Casas in Mexico is a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site. Walk through this bustling, colorful colonial town and enjoy its culture and scenic atmosphere. A great transport hub, you can catch a bus from here to all parts of Mexico. This is an 11-hour bus ride from Antigua Guatemala.



Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico

Tapachula, Mexico is the quickest land crossing point into Mexico from Guatemala as it is only 6 hours from Antigua. Although not the most touristed place in Chiapas, many expats cross here for visa runs and tax-free shopping.



Belize & Nicaragua

Please contact us if you are interested in booking a shuttle to visit either of these beautiful countries. We can arrange connecting transport from Antigua or Guatemala City, or connecting in El Salvador.

Phone: (502) 5969-3795
WhatsApp: (502) 5969-3795

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